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Startup checklist

Venture into business - take the adventure. 

We'll take you through the following basic steps in turn. At each stage, use the links to find more information on a topic, or click on the buttons to get the relevant practical help or services you need.   Click here for a copy of the checklist, or use our Business Workbook.

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  • What products or services will you sell, to what customers?  (Needs product design?)

  • Your story.  Why are doing this? What are your relevant experiences, skills etc.?

  • Vision for your business: values, ethos, goals.  What is your overall 'value proposition'?
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  • Create your brand (name, logo, slogan, style, colour, font etc. to represent values)

  • Identify behaviours to develop and protect reputation (good customer service).

  • Marketing plan.  (Offline and online - social medial, SEO etc.)

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copyright, etc.

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  • Office space/premises

  • Services, equipment and supplies you need (IT, utilities, materials, stationery etc.)

  • Employees & other staff (contracts, payroll, pensions)

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  • Funding (set-up, operational, growth)

  • Accounts & Tax (income, VAT etc. - appoint adviser)

  • Bank account(s) and payment

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  • Identify key risks for your business

  • Think how you will address each risk, including a 'plan B' for worst case scenarios

  • Insurance (employer, public liability, professional indemnity etc.)

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Ready?  First, The Big Idea:

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