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Where are you going to run your venture from, and who do you need to help you?  Considerations here include office space or other business premises, and associated equipment, IT and other services; and also taking on appropriate employees or contractors. 


  • Will you need an office or business premises, factory, workshop, storage or warehouse facilities?   Where will this be?

  • Do you need to buy or arrange for a lease on a building, or part of it? 

  • If you will be operating from commercial premises, do you have appropriate licences and permits in place (for example for sale of food and drink, storage of particular goods, playing music to the permitted number of employees/visitors etc.)? 

  • Do you have the necessary licences and certifications in place to operate particular equipment or machinery?

  • Have you considered renting a desk or area in a communal office space?  If you do so, you may find many support services are provided or are made available very easily, and the community of other workers may be an attractive option depending on your circumstances. 

services & SUpplies

IT Services

  • Have you arranged for appropriate internet, phone lines and IT support to set up and run your office network?

  • If there is no IT support on site, do you know where to get it quickly if your laptop/screen/printer/network breaks down and you need expert help at short notice to get your business up and running again?

You may find an IT service provider is also able to help with domain names and website design (see Online).

Other Services

  • Have you arranged all power, water and waste disposal utilities for your premises?

  • Cleaning? Security?

  • Do you need a delivery service to send out product orders?


  • What office equipment do you need?  Computer, screen, printer, phone, phone line, desk, chair for everyone working for the business?

Materials & Supplies

  • What materials do you need to order for delivery to your premises in order to create your products?  Can they be delivered there? (Access OK?)

  • What office supplies will you need?  (Stationery, water cooler, tea, coffee, etc.)


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Employees & Other Staff

You may need to take on other people to work for you right away, or at least to start thinking about this as you look to grow your business.  If so, you will need to understand:


  • Your obligations when recruiting and employing staff, and how to make the necessary arrangements.

  • How to decide whether to take on employees rather than going to an agency or taking on free-lance contractors.  


  • Your health & safety responsibilities in the workplace. 

  • How to provide coaching and development training and support over time for your workforce

As your team grows, you may need to arrange for HR services to manage your growing team's needs - either by employing someone to fill the role or outsourcing one or more aspects to an HR services company. 


Similarly for payroll services - at first, it may be easier to outsource management of payroll for a small team, via a specialist service provider or installing software.  

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