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are you investoR ready?

If you are further along on your business journey and perhaps looking to scale up, you need to maximise your chances of success when pitching to lenders or investors.  You need to ensure your business proposition, your story, your financial projections and your presentation are all up to the mark.   If you're not sure whether you're 'investor ready,' our fantastic partners at Robot Mascot offer a pitch-ready scorecard: just fill in the form below and you'll get redirected to the scorecard to see where you stand.

pitch ready scorecard

get investoR ready

Whether or not you want to look externally to raise finances, you may want help to get your business to a point where it is 'investor ready.' This could include:

  • Finessing your business proposition

  • Developing detailed financial projections

  • Preparing a slide-deck and presentation materials

  • Broader consultancy on how to grow or 'scale' your business.

Submit a request using the form below and we'll see if we can connect you to someone who can help.

investor readiness request

Thanks for your query. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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