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for the next generation of entrepreneurs

Do you know any budding junior venture adventurers who may be interested in starting their own business?   You're never too young to start!  


We're creating a start-up pack and a whole separate website for junior entrepreneurs, taking them through a simpler version of the Venture Adventures journey, explaining key concepts and considerations in an engaging, kid-friendly way. 


There's a lot of useful life skills to learn from starting a business.  Amongst other things it offers great opportunities for:


  • the practical application of basic mathematics as kids get their heads around supply costs and profits.

  • developing good organisational skills as they manage their money and resources.

  • improving presentation skills as they prepare marketing materials and try to sell their products or services 

  • creative product and brand design 

  • website development skills.

Even if they don't pursue it, working through the different aspects could be an enjoyable and educational rainy day well spent.


See our Store for the Venture Adventures Junior start-up pack, and why not suggest they take a look at the website we have created especially for the next generation of young entrepreneurs

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